Protecting Forests in Brazil


Before Jair Bolsonaro’s election, Brazil pioneered a number of strategies for reducing deforestation in the Amazon. For more on these policies and how Brazilian public servants and civic leaders have tried to make them work, see the following: 

A Credible Commitment: Reducing Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, 2003–2012 (on the work of Marina Silva and others; design of incentives, monitoring)


On overcoming collective action problems at the municipal level:

Defending the Environment at the Local Level: Dom Eliseu, Brazil, 2008–2014

Controlling Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Alta Floresta Works Towards Sustainability, 2008-2013


On supply chain certification experiments:

A Drive to Protect Forests: Introducing Sustainable Cattle Certification in Brazil, 2009-2016

A Step Toward Supply Chain Sustainability: The Round Table on Responsible Soy in Brazil, 2005 – 2017


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