Vera Bersudskaya


Vera Bersudskaya has an interest in policy implementation and government accountability in service delivery, particularly in low-resource post-conflict societies. She has worked in Burundi on improving civil society’s local governance programs at ActionAid and assessing peace consolidation for the UN political mission. She has also developed capacity around monitoring and evaluation of peace-building and governance projects in Kyrgyzstan and assessed accountability on Right to Education in Indian public primary education. Prior to working in the field, she supported women’s rights groups and sexual and reproductive rights initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa and former Soviet Union at Family Care International, Global Fund for Women, and New Field Foundation. She had also focused on addressing inequities in secondary and higher education in the US through policy research and designing equity-like college financing mechanisms. Vera holds a B.A. from University of California Berkeley and a M.P.A. from Princeton University; she is fluent in French and Russian, proficient in Spanish, and a beginner in Kirundi.

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