ISS British Academy-DFID Anti-Corruption Evidence Programme Case List

Anti-Corruption, Strategy

The Sum of its Parts: Coordinating Brazil’s Fight Against Corruption, 2003–2016

Tackling Corruption from the Bottom Up: Decentralized Graft Prevention in Mauritius, 2009-2016

Contested Terrain: Reforming Procurement Systems in South Africa, 2013-2016

Heading Off Corruption: Indonesia Acts to Meet UN Standards, 2010-2016

Swimming Against the Tide: Implementing Ghana’s Anticorruption Action Plan, 2014–2016

Implementing National Anti-Corruption Strategies (Cross-Cutting)



Forest-Friendly Palm Production: Certifying Small-Scale Farmers in Indonesia, 2011-2016

Brewing a Sustainable Future: Certifying Kenya’s Smallholder Tea Farmers, 2007–2017

A Step Toward Supply Chain Sustainability: The Round Table on Responsible Soy in Brazil, 2005 – 2017

Working Toward Sustainable Coffee: Rainforest Alliance Certification in Colombia, 2006–2017

A Drive to Protect Forests: Introducing Sustainable Cattle Certification in Brazil, 2009-2016

Preserving Forests: What are We Learning About Making Voluntary Supply-Chain Certification Work? (Cross Cutting)


Land Tenure and Titling

Putting Rural Communities on the Map: Land Registration in Mozambique, 2007–2016

Putting Justice into Practice: Communal Land Tenure in Ebenhaeser, South Africa, 2012-2017  

Registering Rural Rights: Village Land Titling in Tanzania, 2008-2017

Land Rights in the Township: Building Incremental Tenure in Cape Town, South Africa, 2009–2016 

Securing Land Rights: Making Land Titling Work in Rwanda, 2012-2017

Innovations in Land Tenure and Titling (Cross-Cutting)


Land Registry Management

Cementing the Right of Ownership: Land Registration in Kyrgyzstan, 1999–2009

A Work in Progress: Upgrading Indonesia’s National Land Agency, 2004–2014

From the Ground Up: Developing Jamaica’s National Land Agency, 2000-2016

Breaking New Ground: Pioneering Electronic Land Registration in Ontario, 1987-2010 

Embracing Disruption: Transforming Western Australia's Land Agency, 2007–2017 

Innovations in Land Registry Management (Cross-Cutting)