Silvia Ramos

Senior Staff Member
Center for Studies on Public Security and Citizenship
Focus Area(s)
Accountable Policing
Critical Tasks
Building citizen support
Community policing
Internal accountability
Making services accessible
Informal settlements
Overcoming corruption
Richard Bennet
Country of Reform
Rio de Janeiro
United States
Date of Interview
Friday, September 03, 2010
Silvia Ramos discusses the service aspects of the Pacifier Police Unit (Unidade Pacificadora da Policia, UPP) program, the difficulties in coordinating the state and municipal governments and strategies to integrate civil society and the local business community into governmental development programs. Ramos describes a multidisciplinary approach to issues of crime and policing in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, including partnering at-risk young people in the favelas with companies to increase skill sets and employment levels, community policing, and distributing services and resources equally among favelas and middle-class neighborhoods. Overall she explains how the problems in the favelas affected all Rio de Janeiro residents and praises the success of simple police strategies. 

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Silvia Ramos Interview

Silvia Ramos headed Rio de Janeiro’s Center for Studies on Public Security and Citizenship (Centro de Estudos de Segurança e Cidadania / CESeC). In this position, she actively oversaw the implementation of the UPP (Unidade Pacificadora da Policia) program. Silvia Ramos was a founder of the Brazilian Interdisciplinary Aids Association (ABIA) and was scientific coordinator of the Visiting Researcher Program of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in partnership with FAPERJ (Rio de Janeiro State Foundation to Support Research). She was a consultant to various nongovernmental organizations and advised the deputy secretary for public security in the State of Rio de Janeiro on programs to protect minorities and the environment. She is also on the board of directors for Altus global alliance, which focuses on public safety and justice. She earned a master's in psychology from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

internal accountability
extension of services to insecure areas
community policing
integration and amalgamation
Social capital
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