Richard Moigbe

Assistant Inspector-General of Police
Sierra Leone
Focus Area(s)
Accountable Policing
Critical Tasks
Internal accountability
External accountability
Arthur Boutellis
Country of Reform
Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
Date of Interview
Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Assistant Inspector-General of Police Richard Moigbe discusses police restructuring in post-conflict Sierra Leone.  He speaks of efforts to create a unified security structure in Sierra Leone by including many areas of government.  He continues by explaining the efforts of the police force to assess their numbers and their weaknesses.  Realizing their poor image with the public, Moigbe discusses his involvement with the Complaint Discipline and Internal Investigation Department, which gave voice to public complaints against the police.  He also details new efforts to increase community-based policing and curb armed robbery.    

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Richard Moigbe Interview

At the time of this interview, Richard Moigbe was the assistant inspector-general of police in Sierra Leone.  His responsibilities were to develop operational policies, coordinate the work of all police commanders, and provide strategic leadership.  Moigbe joined the police force in 1987 as a cadet officer.  Later, he worked with the anti-smuggling squad, the forgery and fraud squad, the operations department that dealt with robberies and burglaries and with homicide.  He served as a commandant of the police training school.  He was in charge of the research and planning department and the special investigations bureau at the police headquarters.  Moigbe set up the Complaint Discipline and Internal Investigation Department and the Crimes Services Department that integrated the Criminal Investigations Department, the Special Branch and other police intelligence operations.

community policing
complaint collection
external accountability
internal management
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