Patrick Sendolo

Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy
Republic of Liberia
Focus Area(s)
Civil Service
Critical Tasks
Sequencing reform
Yoni Friedman
Country of Reform
Date of Interview
Saturday, September 21, 2013

In this interview, Patrick Sendolo discusses the concession of the Liberian port of Monrovia to APM Terminals. He goes into detail about the port reform process, and the way in which this concession came about. He discusses his job in driving the reform process, and following through the concession. Sendolo talks about working with external agencies and consultancies in the process. He also addresses the difficulties faced along the way, including a lack of unanimous public support.

Case Study:  Saving a Sinking Agency: The National Port Authority of Liberia, 2006-2011

Full Interview

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Patrick Sendolo Interview

At the time of this interview, Patrick Sendolo was head of the Governance and Economic Management Assistant Program’s program delivery unit.  Currently, Sendolo is Minister of Lands, Mines & Energy of the Republic of Liberia. He was appointed to this position in February 2012 by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and is the youngest person ever to hold this position and currently the youngest member of cabinet.

capacity building
reform leadership
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