Muhamet Musliu

Administrative and Language Assistant
UN Mission in Kosovo Police
Focus Area(s)
Accountable Policing
Critical Tasks
Arthur Boutellis
Country of Reform
Pristina, Kosovo
Place (Building/Street)
Kosovo Police Headquarters
Date of Interview
Friday, July 25, 2008

An administrative and language assistant for the U.N. Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Police, Muhamet Musliu speaks about his eight-year experience with the service.  Through his role as an interpreter, he gives a firsthand account of the successes and failures of the UNMIK Police.  He discusses the daily police routine and challenges faced by an officer in Kosovo, and he provides detail about ethnic tensions and protests in areas around Mitrovica.  He continues by describing the diversity of the UNMIK Police and the recruiting process.  Finally Musliu discusses the Serbian protest against the Kosovo Declaration of Independence, citing its crippling effect on the UNMIK Police.    

Case Study:  Building the Police Service in a Security Vacuum: International Efforts in Kosovo, 1999-2011

Full Interview

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Muhamet Musliu Interview

At the time of the interview Muhamet Musliu was an administrative and language assistant with the U.N. Mission in Kosovo Police.  He worked in the police headquarters in Priština, and had experience from the ethnically diverse territory covered by the Mitrovica South police station. 

local police training
internal management
ethnic representation
disciplinary system
community policing
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