Moi Sellu

Program Officer
International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Sierra Leone
Focus Area(s)
Nealin Parker
Country of Reform
Sierra Leone
Place (Building/Street)
IFES Office
Sierra Leone
Date of Interview
Saturday, August 30, 2008

Moi Sellu explains his role at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems in Sierra Leone. Sellu describes the major challenges that elections organizers face in the country; widespread illiteracy, low levels of technical capacity and difficulties in coordinating the relationships and interests of state institutions and stakeholders. He goes on to describe the National Elections Commission, reviewing its responsibilities and commending its preparedness, steadfastness, internal discipline and transparency during the 2007 and 2008 elections. He discusses the relationship that the major political institutions have with one another, namely the National Elections Commission, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems and the Political Parties Registration Commission. Sellu describes the security preparations surrounding elections, including police involvement as well as logistical measures like ensuring that opposing parties have rallies on different days. He goes on to discuss the media’s relationships with political parties and the government and ends by emphasizing the importance of voter and civic education, and that these approaches should be tailored to fit the distinct demographics of each region.     

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Moi Sellu Interview

At the time of this interview, Moi Sellu was the Program Officer of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems in Sierra Leone. He studied political science, after which he went on to teach courses in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies. He went on to work as a researcher and commission officer for the National Forum for Human Rights, before joining the National Elections Commission (NEC) in of Sierra Leone 2006 as a public relations and voter education officer. 

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