Mavuso Msimang

Director General
Department of Home Affairs, South Africa
Focus Area(s)
Civil Service
Critical Tasks
Performance management system
David Hausman
Country of Reform
South Africa
Place (Building/Street)
Protea Hotel
South Africa
Date of Interview
Friday, February 26, 2010

Department of Home Affairs Director-General Mavuso Msimang offers an account of his role in the department’s turnaround effort.  Msimang drew on his experience in the liberation struggle and in reforming the South African National Parks authority as he collaborated with consultants to overhaul business processes and performance management procedures in the Department of Home Affairs.  He ascribes the quick improvements in service delivery not only to technical reorganization, which, for example, drastically reduced the number of handovers in the ID production process, but also to his frequent contact with staff at all levels of the organization in an effort to recognize good performance.

Case Study:  Reforming Without Hiring or Firing: Identity Document Production in South Africa, 2007-2009

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Mavuso Msimang Interview

Mr. Msimang was Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.  He previously served as CEO of the South African National Parks and as head of the South African State Information Technology Agency.  Before his career in government, Msimang lived in exile for thirty years, during which he worked for the World University Service of Canada and Care International.

performance management
capacity building
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