Lisa Cleary

Human Resource Adviser
Public Service Improvement Program, Solomon Islands
Focus Area(s)
Civil Service
Critical Tasks
Civil service recruitment
Sequencing reform
David Hausman
Country of Reform
Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands
Date of Interview
Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lisa Cleary talks about the role of the Public Service Improvement Program and her role as human resource adviser to develop a human resource strategy for the Solomon Islands.  First, she conducted a human resource survey across every ministry in order to develop a baseline for future work the PSIP would do to put a new payroll system in place.  Then she mapped workforce budgeting to prepare a strategic plan to change the way people are recruited and hired in the workforce and to develop a collective bargaining agreement.  She talks about problems such as patronage appointments, the length of time between recruitment and processing an appointment, the inequities in salary structure, the problems in service delivery and the problem of accelerated promotions.  She also talks about devising an administrative procedure toolkit for civil service positions as a way to achieve change in the processes to make them transparent and fair.

Case Study:  Starting from Scratch in Recruitment and Training: Solomon Islands, 2004-2009

Full Interview

Lisa Cleary Interview

At the time of this interview, Lisa Cleary was the human resource adviser for the Public Service Improvement Program in the Solomon Islands . She served previously as human resource adviser for the correctional service in the Solomon Islands. Before that, she worked with human resources in the correctional service in Queensland, Australia.

Reform sequencing
ranks and grades
performance management
pay reform
pay delivery
merit pay
Job descriptions
code of conduct
capacity building
budgeting inputs
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