Leslye Obiora

Professor of Law
University of Arizona
Focus Area(s)
Getting the News Out/Managing Expectations
Itumeleng Makgetla
Country of Reform
Tucson, Arizona
Place (Building/Street)
By phone
United States
Date of Interview
Saturday, September 19, 2009
Leslye Obiora reflects upon her tenure as minister of mines and steel development in Nigeria between 2006 and 2007. She begins by discussing her appointment to the position of minister and her task to rejuvenate the mining industry and attract foreign investment. She discusses the challenges of passing pertinent legislation in Nigeria. Obiora reflects upon her experience with severe irregularities both within her ministry and on the part of international organizations. She discusses her efforts to eradicate corruption within her ministry with the help of consultants, and she talks about strategies for managing corruption and the importance of whistle-blowers. She discusses several challenges to development in Nigeria, including the lack of relevant information and entrenched interests within international organizations. Finally, Obiora emphasizes the immense importance of institutional memory, policy continuity and consistent, long-term leadership as key to reform and progress.

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Leslye Obiora Interview

At the time of the interview, Leslye Obiora was a professor of law at the University of Arizona. Prior to that, she was cabinet minister for mines and steel development in Nigeria. She was also manager of the Africa Region Gender and Law Program. Since receiving her master of laws degree from Yale University and doctoral degree in law from Stanford University, she has practiced law and held several academic positions.

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