Kao Kim Hourn

Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Focus Area(s)
Getting the News Out/Managing Expectations
Rohan Mukherjee
Country of Reform
Phnom Penh
Place (Building/Street)
University of Cambodia
Date of Interview
Thursday, October 29, 2009
Kao Kim Hourn discusses Cambodia’s efforts to achieve peace and development since 1990, after more than a decade of civil strife in the wake of the Khmer Rouge era. He discusses the integration of members of the Khmer Rouge into society, and the reintegration of numerous political and military factions in Cambodia during the 1990s. He then discusses subsequent efforts to reduce poverty, develop infrastructure, build capacity, liberalize education, increase legislative activity, improve public administration and reduce the size of the military. He also talks about Cambodia's efforts to join the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN.

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Kao Kim Hourn Interview

At the time of this interview, Kao Kim Hourn, who holds a doctoral degree in political science and a master’s degree in Southeast Asian studies, was president and founder of the University of Cambodia, as well as secretary of state for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He previously served as an adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as a member of the Supreme National Council. He was a personal adviser to the prime minister of Cambodia. He also was a pivotal figure in Cambodia’s inclusion in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as well as in the functioning of ASEAN itself. He also founded two think tanks: the Cambodian Public Accountability and Transparency Project and the Cambodian institute for Cooperation and Peace. 

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