José Hugo Granadino Mejía

Chief, Professional Training Unit
National Police of El Salvador
Focus Area(s)
Accountable Policing
Critical Tasks
Integration and amalgamation
Flor Hunt
Country of Reform
El Salvador
El Salvador
Date of Interview
Thursday, July 03, 2008
José Hugo Granadino Mejía begins by describing the process of integrating various factions into the police, and he recounts fears (that never materialized) that members of formerly opposing sides would kill each other. He gives details about the curriculum used during police training at the academy, about the entry quota system and about the academic degree requirements for new recruits. He describes in detail the promotion system within the police force and the way in which the police incorporated new ideas and procedures. Relations with donor countries are also discussed, and he gives great importance to the financial and technical support that the police force received from the international community.

Full Interview

Jose Granadino Mejía Interview (Spanish)

At the time of this interview, José Hugo Granadino Mejía was chief of the professional training unit of the National Police of El Salvador. A lawyer and notary, he in 1993 became one of the first professors at the National Academy of Public Security (Academia Nacional de Seguridad Pública), an institution separate from the National Police. He also served as director of study and later as director general of the academy, and he worked as a professor of law at the Universidad de El Salvador for 25 years and at the Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador.

community policing
Donor Relations
incentive systems
integration and amalgamation
internal management
promotion systems
rank restructuring
Reform sequencing
training curriculum
UN Policies
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