John P.D. Phatshwe

Public Service Program Manager
Botswana National Productivity Center
Focus Area(s)
Civil Service
Critical Tasks
Performance management system
Daniel Scher
Country of Reform
Date of Interview
Thursday, July 23, 2009
John P.D. Phatshwe explains his management role in the Botswana National Productivity Center after being contracted by the government to install performance management systems in local authorities. The center comprised government, employers and workers’ organizations. Its goal was to improve service delivery especially after the government received numerous complaints from the public. The government largely funded the organization, although the center also raised its own funds. Phatshwe discusses the performance-management model that was used during the project and explains the distinct modules within it. He also discusses his role as a performance improvement coordinator within the Ministry of Local Government. This position entailed training various departments in order to improve their performance, helping to identify problems the organizations were facing, and developing strategies to deal with the challenges.

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John Phatshwe Interview

At the time of this interview, John Phatshwe was the Public Service program manager at Botswana National Productivity Center. Before joining the center, he worked in the Department of Lands. He later joined the Department of Sanitation and Waste Management, where he worked for about six years before being appointed a performance improvement coordinator for local authorities within the Ministry of Local Government. Phatshwe has extensive experience in civil service. 

capacity building
performance management
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