Jeremy Cronin

Deputy Minister for Transport
South Africa
Focus Area(s)
Civil Service
Richard Bennet
Country of Reform
South Africa
South Africa
Date of Interview
Thursday, March 24, 2011
Jeremy Cronin discusses the challenges facing transportation infrastructure in South Africa, particularly the divided spatial issues he sees as products of apartheid.  Cronin touches on the role of the Washington Consensus and similar approaches to governance in structuring post-apartheid South African government, particularly in relation to the Department of Transport. He then discusses the creation and roles of various parastatals such as the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) and the Airports Company of South Africa in building the country’s transportation infrastructure. He examines both the successes and challenges of such corporatization of public agencies.

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Jeremy Cronin Intervirew

At the time of this interview, Jeremy Cronin was the deputy minister for transport of South Africa and an African National Congress member of Parliament, as well as deputy general-secretary of the South African Communist Party. He was appointed as deputy minister of transport in 2009 and had been an MP since 1999. He previously worked on the South African Reconstruction and Development Programme, and he served as deputy general-secretary of the South African Communist Party since 1995. He was a political prisoner under apartheid for seven years, from 1976-1983. A respected poet, Cronin also worked as a lecturer in political philosophy at the University of Cape Town in the early 1970s.

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