George Pessima

Secretary to the Cabinet and the Head of the Civil Service of Sierra Leone
Focus Area(s)
Civil Service
Critical Tasks
Job descriptions
Summer Lopez
Country of Reform
Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
Date of Interview
Thursday, August 07, 2008

George Pessima describes his central role in the efforts to reform the Sierra Leonean civil service. Pessima argues that though the Sierra Leonean service was once one of the best in Africa, it has been in rapid decline, in large part because of its unnecessarily massive size, the under-qualification of many of its employees, and the rates of pay, which he describes as being some of the lowest in Africa. Pessima emphasizes the importance of fair and open recruitment through the publication of openings which include full job descriptions. He goes on to identify the promotion system and the lack of extensive training facilities for a number of sectors as the major areas which require immediate attention and reform. 

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George Pessima was the Secretary to the Cabinet and the Head of the Civil Service of Sierra Leone, as well as the Chairman of the Steering Committee on Good Governance. He entered the civil service in 1975, and has worked in a number of ministeries and offices in his career. As the leader of the civil service, he has been one of the most central figures in the efforts to reform it. 

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