Francis Alieu Munu

Assistant Inspector General, Crime Services
Sierra Leone Police
Focus Area(s): 
Accountable Policing
Critical Tasks: 
Non-state security actors
Arthur Boutellis
Country of Reform: 
Sierra Leone
Place (Building/Street): 
Sierra Leone Police headquarters
Sierra Leone
Date of Interview: 
Monday, May 5, 2008
Francis Munu discusses reforms in the Sierra Leone Police, many of which were ongoing at the time of the interview. He speaks about the challenges confronting the police in the wake of the Sierra Leone Civil War, especially in dealing with rebel forces. He discusses many of the successes in dealing with these issues: more transparent recruitment, policing of refugee camps and elections, improved community relations, new means of addressing gender-motivated crime, and the highly successful Community Arms Collection and Destruction Program. Munu discusses police success in improving community relations through outreach, improved service delivery and improved media relations. He also speaks about some of the contemporary challenges facing the police, including crimes committed by youth and a burgeoning drug-trafficking problem. Finally, Munu reflects upon improvements that he sees as key to future progress, especially the use of electronic databases for criminal identification and advanced forensic techniques for investigations.
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Francis Munu Interview

At the time of this interview,  Francis Munu was assistant inspector general for crime services at the Sierra Leone Police. He joined the police service in 1984 and held various positions prior to becoming assistant inspector general.

Nationality of Interviewee: 
Sierra Leonean
Francis Alieu Munu
community policing
Donor Relations
information management systems
information sources
media relations
rank restructuring
training curriculum