Ana Toni

Representative of Brazil
Ford Foundation
Focus Area(s)
Countering Criminal Economies
Critical Tasks
Informal settlements
Community policing
Overcoming corruption
Building citizen support
Richard Bennet
Country of Reform
Rio de Janeiro
Place (Building/Street)
Ford Foundation
Date of Interview
Wednesday, September 08, 2010
Ana Toni discusses the Ford Foundation’s involvement in providing a forum for academia, civil society, the public sector, the private sector and the media to exchange ideas and research on policies such as the Pacifier Police Units (Unidade Pacificadora da Policia, UPP) and to more generally fight criminality in the favelas of Brazil. Toni focuses on the importance of comparative research and empirical methods in public security and community policing. She explains that the success of the UPPs hinged on community integration and leadership, a multidisciplinary approach, academic engagement in public security studies, and replacing political positioning with professional expertise. Finally, Toni discusses how the Ford Foundation gives marginalized peoples in Brazil a voice on social justice issues. 

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Ana Toni Interview

From 2003-2011, Ana Toni was the representative of Brazil at the Ford Foundation, which works to help change structures and policies that increase inequality and social marginalization, in Rio de Janeiro. Previously, Toni served as the Country Director of ActionAid Brazil. She earned her master’s degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

(Unidade Pacificadora da Policia, UPP)
Unidade Pacificadora da Policia (UPP)
Ford Foundation
integration and amalgamation
community policing
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