Translated Cases

ISS makes translations of selected case studies available.  Requests for translated cases should be directed to  We will prioritize translations according to demand, subject to funding constraints.

Studi kasus ini juga dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

Translation provided by Dynamic Language Services

Instilling Order and Accountability: Standard Operating Procedures at Indonesia's Ministry of Finance, 2006-2007

Estudios de caso en español:

Retooling a Workforce to Match Industry Needs: Mexico Revamps Skills-Based Vocational Training, 2008-2012

Restoring Credibility to Mexico's Electoral Process, 2006-2012

Reclaiming the City: Police Reform In Mexico City, 2002-2008

From Fear to Hope in Colombia: Sergio Fajardo and Medellín, 2004-2007

Conjuring and Consolidating a Turnaround: Governance in Bogotá, 1992-2003