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Chile: Political Handover in a Crisis
In early 2010, Chile's democracy prepared for the first transfer of power between opposing political coalitions since Augusto Pinochet's ouster in 1990. The transition process had just begun when a massive earthquake devastated Chile, killing hundreds and causing billions of dollars in damage. A new ISS case study describes how prescient planning and staff recruitment by the incoming, center-right Piñera administration and briefings by Bachelet's outgoing, left-leaning team strengthened Chile's democracy and set a precedent for future cross-coalition transitions. This case is part of a new ISS series on effective handovers of authority between parties or coalitions. 
ISS: Improving Government 
Accountability and Leading Reform

Innovations for Successful Societies (ISS) helps public servants, policy makers, and scholars share institution-building strategies that work in especially challenging contexts. Interview-based case studies facilitate these exchanges and provide a basis for scholarly research. To date, ISS has published more than 135 case studies and 370 interviews, all of which are available free online. Governments use the materials to learn from each other, inspire discussion in their ranks, and recall the steps they took to implement a reform. Universities and training programs use the case studies in the classroom to engage students in the operational and strategic aspects of public sector reform. 


Featured ISS Interview


Mohamed Fadal, lead researcher at the Academy for Peace and Development in Somaliland, describes the country's institution-building efforts in the 1990s. He discusses the civil conflict and the subsequent conflict-resolution process, the role of clans in Somali politics, the constitution-drafting process, and the impediments to stability facing the country. 


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